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A course for groups of 10 to 12 students

CGA XR for Aerospace is our flagship Enterprise Certification course.

This course offers all of the knowledge and expertise that we have in immersive technologies, and is customized for the needs of the Aerospace industry. It certifies students in Virtual or Augmented Reality development. Contact us for details on pricing and a tailored curriculum, and to request a corporate course.

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Course Description

Welcome to our enterprise course for companies that wish for their employees to become certified on VR and/or AR development. Our corporate program is tailored to the needs of each company, and we have expertise in and a curriculum for training employees in the aerospace industry.

This course can be offered at our office, and it is also offered in-house if the client prefers.

This course combines all that we have to offer in Virtual Reality Development using both Unity and Unreal Engine 4, andAugmented Reality development using Microsoft HoloLens.

The corporate course will include the right material for your industry and specific needs. Contact us to discuss your goals and applications for VR/AR and we will assemble a program for you that includes some or all of the skill set described below.

Included is also 9 hours of techniques on working with 360 cameras and video production. We also include an introduction to Artificial Intelligence, which is not offered in any of our other courses.


Course Curriculum

Developing for Mixed Reality / Microsoft HoloLens

1. Getting started with Microsoft HoloLens

2. C# and XAML Language primer.

3. Applications and C#: Appmodel, Appviews, 2D apps for HoloLens.

4. Azure, Machine Learning, cross platform and HTML5 apps.

Developing for VR/AR with Unity

1. Exploring Unity and object manipulation

2. Physics, collisions, rigid bodies, and force

3. Interaction using the HTC Vive. Particles and audio

4. Game logic & in-game UI

5. Spatial sound, random spawning & basic dynamic interaction

6. Advanced dynamic interaction & terrain/world building

7. Introduction to Microsoft HoloLens development

Developing for VR/AR with Unreal Engine (UE4)

1. Fundamentals of VR Design theory & hardware overview

2. Unreal Engine 4 Architecture

3. Visual Studio, C++, and Blueprint interface design

4. Scene Construction for VR

5. Motion Sickness Theory & Sim Sickness & best practices

6. Motion Controllers & Object Interaction

7. Artificial Locomotion Techniques

8. Motion Controllers & Object Interaction

9. Integrating 360 Video into VR

10. Characters, animation and interaction

11. Approaches to Artificial Intelligence

12. Performance Optimization for VR

13.  Developing for HoloLens with UE4


Location: SURF Incubator / Chronos Hololab in the Wells Fargo Building

Address: 999 Third Avenue, Suite 701 – Seattle, WA 98104 – USA

Lab Time: Open Monday Through Friday – 9am to 9pm with exceptions



Location: Pyramind Audio

Address: 880 Folsom Street – San Francisco , CA 95107 USA

Lab Time: Open Monday Through Friday – 10am to 9pm with exceptions

Contact us to book a corporate course 


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