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Virtual Reality Development 101



Introduction to VR/AR Development

This introductory course is great for people who know little about VR/AR, and aren’t sure whether VR/AR development is something they want to pursue. This course will give you an overview of all of the equipment available on the market today, from Head-Mounted-Displays (HMDs) to 360 cameras, as well as software that you will need for producing a VR app.

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Course Description

Welcome to your intro course to Virtual Reality development. This course builds a foundation that allows you to take our Development certification course with confidence. It will cover the most basic topics first so that someone with no tech experience can start on the path to become a VR developer.

This course includes a guide to current computing hardware and Virtual Reality headsets as well as an intro to some basic Computer Science concepts and the programming language C#.

In this course you also have the opportunity to use and experiment with all of the different high-end VR and AR hardware so that you can begin to form ideas for developing your own project.

There is also an introduction to the two most popular physics engines: Unity and Unreal Engine. And we go over a variety of different software, explaining what is necessary for a complete VR development cycle from the beginning of an app all the way to successful submission.


Course Curriculum

1. An Overview of High-End Virtual Reality HMDs.

2. An Overview of Augmented Reality Headsets.

3. An Introduction to 360 Cameras.

4. Basic Computer Science Concepts.

5. Basic Computer Logic.

6. Basic Vector Math.

7. An Introduction to C#.

8. An Introduction to Unity.

9. An Introduction to Version Control using SourceTree.

10. An Overview of Software Required for a Full VR Development Production Cycle.



This is a 1-day intensive course with no pre-requisites.



Location: Chronos Global Academy / MXT Reality

Address: 3200 1st Ave South, Suite 300 – Seattle, WA 98134 USA

Lab Time: Open Monday Through Friday – 9am to 9pm with exceptions

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