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Virtual Reality Development 101 - Unity UI



Virtual Reality Development Certification

This is an intensive 24-hour course that certifies you as a VR Developer. This course requires you to apply yourself the entire time, and you will acquire a great deal of knowledge and skills – which then you should put to practice on your own time. Our VR/AR Lab exists for this reason; you get to learn a lot in this course but will have little opportunity to practice or work on your own app.

This course is great for people who are certain that they want to become a VR Developer and don’t want to waste any time. It’s also a pre-requisite for our Augmented Reality Certification course using Microsoft HoloLens.

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Course Description

Get certified as a VR Developer by taking this 24-hour Unity course in which you get to learn the foundations of Unity and VR development.

Unity is a game engine used to develop games for PC, mobile devices, websites, and Virtual & Augmented Reality.

With Unity you can create any 2D or 3D game, and deploy it on a variety of platforms.

This course is a prerequisite to Microsoft HoloLens development (AR) and focuses on teaching the foundations of Unity using the Oculus Rift.


Course Curriculum

1. Exploring Unity and object manipulation.

2. Physics, collisions, rigid bodies, and force.

3. Interaction using the HTC Vive. Particles and audio.

4. Game logic & in-game UI.

5. Spatial sound, random spawning & basic dynamic interaction.

6. Advanced dynamic interaction & terrain/world building.



Knowledge of Unity as well as C# is required for this course. If you do not know Unity or C# programming, then you must first take the CGA VR Development 101 in order to gain the basic skills for VR development.


Location: Chronos Global Academy / MXT Reality

Address: 3200 1st Ave South, Suite 300 – Seattle, WA 98134 USA

Lab Time: Open Monday Through Friday – 9am to 9pm with exceptions

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