Founded in 2015, we are a premiere academy focused on training the next generation of developers, designers and artists for the immersive technology industry.


Chronos Global Academy is the first organization to offer training to the general public on what it takes to develop for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Our Academy launched our first Virtual Reality course titled Unreal Engine 4 for VR in 2015, and in 2016 we offered our first Augmented Reality course using Microsoft HoloLens.

We have since developed a gained a great deal of experience in teaching immersive technology skills. Our courses are short in duration and inexpensive. We train, adult individuals, corporate groups, and youth.

Our Programs

Our programs include introductory courses, individual certifications, corporate courses, and a youth mixed reality program.

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Developing for VR/AR takes practice. Anything you do well requires practice. To become really good at any trade, one should practice daily. For this reason, the Chronos Hololab is open every day.
Our monthly membership provides you with access to software and hardware equipment that you need to practice and become a competent developer. Sign up now and bring a friend with you at no extra charge.

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